Having a problem with your online course experience? Here are some common issues and their simple solutions. If you are still having any problems, please fill out the online course support request.

I’m trying to pay you money but something broke

Yeah, occasionally the system runs an update without my knowledge and breaks the payment platform. Please, send me a message because I’m probably not aware of it. It’s very rare but it happens. You’re doing me a favor by letting me know. Back to the top

The video is covering the transcript

First, only Foundations of Practice has a transcript. In Foundations of Practice, this is merely a browser size/orientation issue. The simple fix is to change the orientation from landscape to portrait if you are watching on a tablet/phone. If you are using a desktop/laptop, take your browser off of fullscreen and narrow the width to mimic a portrait shape. The transcript will appear below the video. If you expand the video itself to fullscreen, you lose the transcript entirely because, you know, the video takes up the whole screen. Back to the top

The video completed and it took me to the next topic/lesson/quiz before I was ready

The learning platform may automatically take you to the next part of the course in order to minimize potential for glitches. If you want to return to any part of the course that you have already completed, just hit the back button on your browser or return to the main course page by clicking “My Account” at the top of the screen and selecting the course from your list. Then select the desired module from there. Back to the top

I finished the module but it won’t let me move on to the next topic/lesson/quiz

Occasionally the platform did not recognize that you completed the video. Make sure that it ran all the way to the end. If you cut it short, it won’t give credit. If you did that and it still is not letting you mark the session complete, try refreshing the page then replay the video, scroll to about 5 seconds from the end (unless you want to watch it again), and let it play itself to the end. It should then allow you to move on to the next segment after a couple seconds. If it still doesn’t work, send me a message and we can force it from our end. Back to the top

I previously finished a module and it is now making me take it again.

For a short period of time everything was on manual/honor system mode where you needed to click “Mark Complete” then “Next Session” in order to get credit (this was due to a little glitch on our end). Well the meanies at the CEU boards want the platform to force you to watch the video so we put it back on automatic mode. If you didn’t click “Mark Complete” when you first went through, it will want you to do it over now. Long story short, just send me a message and we can force it from our end. In your message let us know which modules you completed so we can have it reflected in your account. Back to the top

I can’t find the handout

Not all segments have a handout. When they do, you will find them by clicking the “Materials” tab just above the video. Back to the top

I didn’t get to finish the course in the 6 months since I purchased it and am now locked out

Yeah the courses expire after 6 months mainly because I need to have users turn over after awhile and once you’ve taken the course, well, you’ve got your money’s worth. The system does it automatically. That said, I want you to take the course you paid for! If this happened to you, just send me a message and I’ll unlock your access. No big deal. Back to the top