Erik has over 25 years in sports physical therapy and professional education/development, commonly working with athletes of all levels from professional to recreational. Let him bring that experience directly to you. For more information, use the contact form.

Patient Care/Management

Have an injury and trying to get back to sport? Erik is available for patient care/management in person in Portland, Oregon or virtually (restrictions apply). He has extensive experience working with professional athletes and observes the utmost discretion – confidentiality is taken very seriously. He is selective in the cases that he takes, so send a message through the contact form above for more information.

In Person Assessment:

Having a difficult rehab or just want to make sure that you are “checking all the boxes”? Erik can see you directly in a one-on-one session in Portland, OR. In this visit he can assess the current status of your rehab and help identify what may be limiting your progress. He can give you some specific goals and strategies to meet them. Patient education is a key focus during these visits.

Case Review/Support:

Have a tough or “high-value” case? Erik can review the case with you and focus in on what key indicators are most important at each phase of the rehab. For example, he can walk you through specific testing for force production as it applies to your athlete, their injury, their timeline, and their sport. From years of experience, Erik has an uncanny knack for quickly identifying ways to quantify, track, and progress an individual athlete’s key deficits during rehab.

Can be performed remotely or in person.

Staff Training

Looking for a private course just for your staff? Erik can come out and provide 1-2 days of education for your clinic or facility. Content can be tailored to your specific needs.

Facility Setup/Integration:

Are you looking to build or renovate a facility? Or are you looking to add a couple pieces of testing equipment and want to know how to integrate them into your current process? From force plates to isokinetics, Erik can help you put together protocols for different diagnoses, joints, and/or key indicators specific to your population. Typically done in person.


Are you a physical therapist and would like to spend 30-60 minutes one-on-one with Erik? He can go into deeper, personalized questions as they relate to your practice or expand on topics related to one of his courses.

Typically done via video call.