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Foundations of Practice Sandbox

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Welcome to the Foundations Sandbox!

You have received free access to the content of this course, with no quiz requirements and the ability to jump around and watch in any order that you want. Unlike you, participants taking the course for credit must start at the beginning and do everything in sequential order while completing occasional quizzes. For all of the details on the course including an outline/overview: Click Here

A couple things you should know:

  • You will receive no CEU credit via this access
  • Make sure to watch the introduction for info on the series
  • The lectures stand alone but often refer to previous lectures – you might miss a reference if you jump around
  • Please do not share your login with others – I’m trying to make a living here

If you are a professor/lecturer/advisor at a PT school or residency, feel free to use some of the videos in your courses. All that I ask is that you reference me and my website so your students know where to find me. In order to track popularity of topics, please let me know what you are using!

I am happy to do a live Q&A via Zoom to go along with any content that you use. If I am ever in your area teaching a weekend course, I can come by for an in-person talk. All of this is free to PT/physiotherapy schools.

Your feedback is always appreciated!

Pro Tip!!!

Normally people complain that I talk too fast, so I made an effort to speak slowly. If you feel like I am going slower than you would like, there is a gear in the bottom right corner of the video player for each topic so you can adjust the speed from 0.5x all the way up to 2x – You still get the same number of CEU but you can go at your own pace!

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