Erik for AASPT President-Elect

I am currently running for the American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy position of President-Elect. Voting will not open until April 1, 2021, but I wanted to lay out more about my extensive service to the Academy and my ideas for setting it up for the future for members to consider in the meantime.

I decided that the best format for me would be to record my message as a video.

The video goes into much greater detail, but here are some highlights.

Over 15 years working my way up through various service positions in the Academy including:

  • Committee Member
  • Committee Lead
  • Special Interest Group (SIG) Founder
  • SIG Chair
  • CSM Section Programming Vice-Chair
  • CSM Section Programming Chair
  • Currently serving on the Executive Committee as the Representative at Large

Some highlights of things that I have created in the AASPT:

  • The Many Faces of Sports PT
  • Science Meets Practice educational format combining scientific platform presenters w/ traditional educational content
  • The role of SIGs in CSM programming
  • 4 new leadership positions in each SIG (Communication, Education, Practice, Membership)
  • The new AASPT Annual Meeting & Scientific Conference format
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force/Community
  • Laying the foundation for the new Practice Resource repository, spearheaded by the Academy Practice Committee

I want to set this Academy up for the future; To leave our members inspired to continue contributing to this Academy, and to the generation of sports physical therapists who follow; Inspiring them to continue the mission of supporting our profession throughout their entire careers! I plan to do this by:

Every week leading up to the election I will be writing a post on each of the above points. Click the links to learn more.

Have questions? Contact me!

Thank you for your consideration/support!

Curriculum Vitae

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